Help fund a Fresh2o project. All of the money raised will go towards the purchasing of the filter systems for families in need.


Support Fresh2o by purchasing a LIFE SAVING WATER Filter for yourself, your purchase will SAVE A LIFE or GIFT one for a FAMILY in need.


We  work with brands, corporates, athletes and schools around the world, who share our vision. ‘Join our TEAM today’.

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Fresh2o has worked on 246 field projects

and built over 120 wells and rain harvest tanks

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We have positively impacted 125,000+ lives

And saved thousands of children from contaminated water

The fastest growing community in the fight against contaminated water

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Going travelling, love the outdoor adventures or just want to guarantee your water is free of harmful bacteria. Get your hands on one of our revolutionary water filters yourself. We’ll send you one direct to your door and every time you use it you’ll know that this has provided a person in need with fresh water for life.

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