Report from the front-line

Fresh2o has supported the installation of three boreholes, installed with hand-pumps, in the Fatakanina neighbourhood of Andrainjato, Madagascar.

These were the final three boreholes from the larger campaign that saw the creation of 7 wells across the area aimed at providing much needed clean drinking water to the local population.

The Andrainjato municipality was created in 2006 and its population’s access to clean drinking water has been very low since its inception. Most people have to fetch water from unprotected springs many hours walk away. This has resulted in people in this area suffering from the drying-up of traditional water springs in the dry season (between August and November) and from bilharzia-infected waters.

In 2013 and early 2014, 3 villages (amongst the dozens who have requested help in this area) benefitted from clean drinking water provision through the installation of boreholes using a technique called “Rota Sludge”. These were the villages of Ambohibory, Ambatolahikalamainty and Vatomitatana, all of which were funded by fresh2o. This second round of boreholes in Andrainjato area has provided clean drinking water to a further two villages with most of the drilling work being carried out in July 2014.

How Did We Achieve This?

Before the well drilling could commence there was a range of planning activities that needed to be completed. These activities included identifying the exact places to drill and how the community contributions towards the drilling work would be organised (cow manure, water, sieving sand, etc.).

In July two drilling teams and with water experts travelled to the area and begun to drill the boreholes, it took around 3 weeks to complete.


2 boreholes were drilled in Andranomena village (in the South-East & West of the village) and 1 in Antanimenalava village. A population of 480 people spread over 81households can now benefit from this clean drinking water infrastructure. This represents 29% of the total population of the neighbourhood.

3 water management committees were created and are now functional.

6 village maintenance technicians were identified and trained up during work; 2 for each borehole.

 EPP Ambalamanenjana


This area was very difficult to access by vehicle meaning the drilling teams has issues bringing in the necessary machinery.

The drilling began at what is known as the start of the “hungry season” in this area. However, no major problems were met and the local population pulled together to assist in contributing their time, effort and resources to the project.


The villagers were overjoyed to access water on their doorsteps and immediately abandoned the long and arduous journey to their old watering holes.

The community showed great commitment, hardwork and spirit in pooling their resources to help with the drilling project – despite going through what was a very difficult time for them.

Most other villages in the Andrainjato area who have not yet benefitted from boreholes are keen to have one.