Oscar winning photographer and founder of Fresh2o Candice was involved in a one of kind photoshoot involving A-list celebrities being photographed underwater to raise money for overseas fresh-water projects.

Candice has already enjoyed an illustrious career as one of the fashion industry’s most sought after photographers, working for such illustrious publications as GQ and Harpers.

Candice first became aware of the terrible effects of unsanitised water while staying with her uncle in Zambia when she was a child and it has been an experience that stayed with her through her life.


In 2007, Candice decided to leave her well-paid job behind her and concentrate all her efforts into helping the development of the fresh2o social enterprise which looks improve the situation of over a billion people worldwide who are currently living without access to clean water.

Candice drew on her years of experience working as a fashion photographer and her bulging contacts book to drum up celebrity support for Fresh2o. This resulted in some of the biggest stars in Hollywood signing up to support the cause including: Will Smith, Megan Fox, Kiera Knightly, Kelly Brook and Zac Efron, Lily Cole, Kimberly Stewart, Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington and singer Natalie Imbruglia to name but a few.

The photoshoot took place in what looks like the middle of the ocean but is in fact a huge tank in Pinewood Studios, west of London. The bubbles and “currents” are created by divers letting air out of their tanks and moving their flippers.

The photoshoot saw Lilly Cole, Kiera Knightly, Kelly Brook and the singer Darius all get wet in the name of charity and produce some truly stunning pictures.


Candice herself was interviewed on the shoot and had the following to say:

“Dirty water kills 5,000 children a day. To me, that’s just not acceptable. I think every person in the world has a right to clean water. I just told them (the celebrities involved with Fresh2o) that 5,000 children a day were dying and asked them to help. As soon as they heard about it they wanted to take part.”

This photoshoot is one of many events and steps Fresh2o is undertaking to eradicate the problem of poor sanitation and access to clean water. Please follow us and get involved to help people get access to the most basic of human rights.