Fresh2o supported the putting-in-place of a borehole, installed with hand-pump, in Vatomitantana village, Mitongoa neighbourhood (‘Fokontany’), Andrainjato est “commune” (Lalangina district, Haute Matsiatra region) as part of the 7 wells campaign.

People in this area suffer from the drying-up of traditional water springs in the dry season (between August and November) and from bilharzia-infected waters. Numerous negative consequences impact on both heath and the local economy, including time spent fetching water in the dry season.

The borehole installation was carried out between the 14th January and the 2nd February 2014.


  • One borehole drilled to a depth of 13.5 metres and installed with an India Mark III hand-pump.
  • Between the 14th and the 25th January: Well-boring
  • 27th January : Casing (well lining) & well development
  • Between the 28th and the 30th January 2014: Continuation of well development and installing the sanitary apron
  • 2nd February 2014: Installing the India Mark III hand-pump
  • 2 village maintenance technicians were trained during work. Their role is to ensure proper care /upkeep of the infrastructure in order to ensure its sustainability. A follow-up refresher training was held for them on the 12-13th
  • Water management committee created and trained over three days, from the 10-11th June; 7 members along with 2 village maintenance technicians, the neighbourhood chief & 1 representative from the mayor’s office.
  • Anti-erosion measures were applied to the area surrounding the well. The community erected a fence around it.
  • Awareness-raising activities were carried out on the ‘WASH’ messages.


The only remaining activity to be carried out is the water quality test, which is due to be conducted in June.


Information on the borehole:

Name of water management committee: “Izay mitambatra ro vato” (meaning “strength in unity”)

Geographical coordinates (GPS readings): E: 047.11’35.5’’      S: 21.32’40’9’’          Altitude: 1111m

Static level of well: 3.6 metres

Dynamic level of well: 6.6 metres

Depth of well: 13.5 metres

Sponsor / sign erected: Fresh2o Water for Life / Silver Levene

Beneficiaries: 96 inhabitants in 8 households, rising to a total of 120 when the numerous students (who study in Fianarantsoa) are back at home.

The drilling team who worked on this project:

Because this was FBM/NT’s first experience installing India Mark III hand-pumps, all nine members of our drilling teams were present, along with the water, sanitation & hygiene programme officer, water & sanitation technician, logistics officer and field agent. A trainer was present from the PRACTICA Foundation, based in Antananarivo.


1 2

First well-drilling attempt.

1 2


1 2

Well development & installation of India Mark pump

Reality in the field:

  • The two first drilling attempts were unsuccessful; the team hit rocks after just 2 days at a depth of 2.8 metres and then again at a depth of 18.5 metres where the borehole had not yet reached a satisfactory ground water table. The third attempt was successful.
  • Women in the community divided themselves into two groups to take it in turn to fill up the three 250 litre-tubs of water required daily by the drilling teams.
  • It was difficult to collect the sand required for the borehole’s filter block inside due to the rainy season which caused river water levels to rise. This delayed work by a day.
  • It was difficult to find bricks (necessary for the sanitary apron) near to the village; they were transported from Tambohonienjanina village.
  • People originating from this village but living elsewhere contributed towards the payment of the community monetary contribution to the project (125,000 Ariary).
  • Rainstorms (often with thunder & lightning) every afternoon meant that work had to stop fairly early, but that the day started very early in the morning.



Installation of this well was also an opportunity to train the FBM/NT team in the technique of installing India Mark III handpumps. The training was carried out well, with all the team happy having mastered this technique. Additional positive points were the villagers’ solidarity, with excellent community cohesion and organisation for carrying out their contributions to the project. This was proof of their motivation to have clean drinking water. All of the villagers are hugely grateful to Fresh2o and their supporters for supporting this project.


Completed well in Vatomitantana.


The FBM/NT team.


Villagers in Vatomitantana

The completed & fenced well:



Stratigraphic profile    (Vatomitantana)