We are fundraising to provide clean water and sanitation and hygiene education to 400 schools in Madagascar which will help over 80,000 children.  Contact the Fresh2o team to find out more about the campaign and please help by making a contribution on this page.

Fresh2o, have already managed to provide 156 filter projects to 5,630 people in Madagascar working with Feedback Madagascar – NY Tanintsika:

  • Just £250 provides clean water to one whole school!

    • Donate this sum and we will match you with a school and send you updates and feedback.

  • £10 provides clean water to student!

Outline proposal

This proposal outlines a project to provide clean water to 400 primary schools in Madagascar. The filters will be distributed with a 50 litres capacity lidded water container (in which the water to be filtered will be poured) and a 20 litre capacity lidded Jerry can (in which the filtered water will be stored and clean drinking water can be easily poured by pupils).

Beneficiaries and target area

This particular project aims to work in 400 of the Schools outlined below which will help provide clean water and education to over 80,000 children. These schools border the rainforest in SE Madagascar, in the districts of Ikongo and Ambalavao.

Madagascar Map

A map showing the target areas


  • Providing practical training on filter use and maintenance to beneficiaries.

  • Working in close collaboration with the state education authorities for the monitoring and sustainability of the project.

  • Continued support, monitoring and evaluation of filter-use via field agents for 1 year.

Expected impact

  • A reduction in the prevalence of diarrheal disease.

  • A reduction in school absence due to sickness (both for teachers and pupils), leading to improved school results.

  • Long term impact will help to lift people out of poverty by living more healthily and being educated will create an ability for the people to generate an income.

  • 4000 children worldwide die every day from water-based diseases so with your support we can help this.

How will your funds help?


OUR TARGET IS £100,000


400 schools    =    80,000 pupils & teachers



£250  =   1 SCHOOL

£1,000  =  4 SCHOOLS

£2,000 = 8 SCHOOLS

You can make a difference


Thank You.

Pledged of £100,000.00 Goal
Step 1: Specify your contribution amount for Clean Water for 400 Schools – Madagascar